Friday, July 15, 2011

Source Is Hard

But I managed to get my schematics in game! I learned some Blender AND got the item prototype successfully in game, attached to the right bone, with team colors! Looks like I actually need to tweak the colors, the ao map darked them up quite a bit. 

Go me! Also, Source is one of the most confusing engines I've ever used. Here's the preliminary test in the model viewer (a huge milestone for me):

Monday, July 11, 2011

Some MQP Assets

The majority of time on my MQP has been spent working in the engine, helping my teammates troubleshoot, and making sure everything works. I have been able to create a few assets though.

A shot of the current (still in progress) environment:

A couple Zbrush rocks:

In game and lookin' good.

And base for a reservoir that eventually got scrapped.

I've started applying for (mostly) QA and a few art jobs. Still working on personal projects... I wish school had allowed me a modicum of spare time with which to work on portfolio pieces, as my current porfolio doesn't reflect my skill level at all.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

TF2 Engineer Misc Item

I've been so busy with my MQP Project that I haven't had time to work on personal projects lately. Today I sat down and made a TF2 Engineer Miscellaneous item; a couple rolled up schematics in his pocket. The big problem is using Source. It's pretty confusing and most of the plugins are out of date, but I think I'm figuring it out. I'll probably finish them up and submit them to Valve fairly soon.