Monday, November 30, 2009


I wasn't feeling very good a couple days ago so I did a quick speedpaint on a ref picture I grabbed a few months ago. I wasn't happy with it (hence; why it wasn't up here) but then I looked at how far I had gotten on the same picture in August and I laughed.

I think the improvement is pretty tangible haha.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


 Album cover for a friends mix-CD. What I was told: "laid back, relaxing, watery"

Process: I modified a model I made in Zbrush, then brought it into Photoshop and painted some details, the hair, modified proportions, textures, etc.  I'm pretty happy with  it... it remains to be seen what he thinks.

Alternate version:

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ink Blobs

As a concepting exercise, we had to create ink blobs (which I did in Alchemy) and then use them to create a concept.

And finally, here's what they all look like next to the blob I formed a concept out of:

Friday, November 20, 2009


20 minute pose. Sorry for the bad quality, my scanner is too small. I like how this came out. Probably my favorite figure drawing to date..

[edit] while doing gesture poses I saw her true nature for a moment. I don't think anyone else has caught on yet.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Okay so for today I decided I need a profile picture..and what better profile picture can you have on an art blog than a self portrait! Took me about 2 hours to complete.

I used a colorized version (aka I tinted it all red) for my profile picture. It doesn't really hold up if you look at it much bigger haha.  I didn't go in and do the finer details because it looks fine at the size it needs to be.

[edit] couldn't help myself, I made a gif of the different stages just because it looks so funny.

Hello world

Well, welcome to my blog! I'm not really expecting people to actually visit it but I plan on using it to motivate myself to do at least one art-related thing every day. My sketchbook at just gets lost in the masses of posts.

A little about me: I'm currently attending college, although I am contemplating dropping out and attending an atelier or an art school that I could study intensively at (LAAFA, Watts, CalArts, etc.)  I want to work in the video game industry, concepting and/or modeling. I love creating characters although I'm not very good at it yet. I have had little to no art background but I seem to be doing okay, and I pick up on things very quickly.

I love video games. You can find me on the PSN at RadioYeti, on Steam as jimpact, and on Xbox 360 as JiMPACT:

On to the art!
Here's some stuff that I've done in the past few weeks just to give you an idea of what I'm about:

This is my first 3D model, which I created/rendered in Zbrush (and Photoshop).  She's a succubus. My greatest achievement here was creating a human but not needing to do hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, or irises. Go me.  I was working on her body but I decided to put it on hold (for now).  The model's okay but the big thing is that I learned a lot and really enjoyed it. ZBrush is amazing.

I go to figure drawing every Thursday, and I love it... but I'm not very good. Here are 2 20 minute poses from last week. In case you're wondering about the difference in quality, my professor worked on the standing one's face for a minute or two

I'm also taking my first painting class this term, and it's digital (we had to make a color wheel traditionally and I got paint all over myself, it was a disaster). This was our first assignment, a B&W photo study. It looks pretty bad but I'm not upset because it's my first ever painting! (it's also unfinished)

So, with that I am going to head off to class and start working on something for tomorrow