Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Working Lady

Well, I've been extremely busy since my last post. It's been about a month - I graduated, and a week later I had 2 job offers. I'm currently working at 38 Studios as a contract QA Tester, which is an absolutely amazing experience. Obviously I would prefer to be doing art, but working in the industry and meeting so many amazing people is awesome. Can't complain about the work either, it's really fun!

As for my art... I'm still working on it outside of company time. I found out that there's weekly figure drawing across the street. I went for the first time in months, and it didn't go horribly. This was a longer pose, I think I'm starting to get anatomy down, but my line weights/shading really throw everything off.

Portrait that looks nothing like the model (and also very manly)

Now that things are calming down a bit, I've started working on setting up a scene in UDK. It's got a lot of materials editing and special lighting, so it's proving to be a challenge. Also, a lot of water, but I'm just going to have to fudge that a bit.  I also started using SpeedTree, since that's what I'll be creating the trees in the scene with... It was a lot harder than I expected. There is basically 0 documentation. Here's my first test tree as proof. It's far from beautiful, but it's got everything I could ever want on a tree; roots, branches, knots, and leaves. Oh, and growth..magnet.. things.