Saturday, October 8, 2011

More Engineer Stuff!

I've been busy working on my latest project, modeling a new pack for Team Fortress 2. I am working with a great concept/texture artist, so this time around I will only be doing the models and setting up all the maps. 

The sentry is just the top part on the red line - the bottom part is all done by Valve. I deleted the "rocket box" on top of the sentry and replaced it with the model I created. Link to the original concept.

Still a work in progress here, but here's the Energizer. A lot of changes will be made before this is done, but I'm putting it up here anyway!

And the roughest of the bunch right now... a wrangler replacement

The UDK scene has been put on hold for a little while, I was having a lot of trouble with lighting. I think the next step for me is going to be to get the trees and textures finalized, and then talk to a UDK savant named Andre Parker about the problems I'm having.

Also, my Engineer Blueprints might be getting into the game! A schema update was released that included the item "Engineer Blueprint".... nobody knows what they are, so I can't wait for the update to hit!